N40 Berries
Glencoe Rd and N Western Rd | Stillwater, OK 74075 | (405) 385-9386

About Our Farm

North 40 Berries is a family owned and operated business. We began in 2015 with the planting of 800 thornless blackberry seedlings. The plants grew well, so 2016 was the first year for actual berry production.

We currently have six different varieties of blackberries that vary somewhat in height, berry size, sweetness and ripening times. Natchez ripens earliest (early June) and has large berries but may be slightly less sweet than the other varieties. Ouachita and Osage ripen a bit later and have sweeter berries. Ponca and Caddo are the two sweetest berries. Apache ripens latest (mid-late June) and has large, sweet berries.

In 2021 we are planting two new varieties (Ponce and Caddo) that are sort of between Natchez and Osage in berry size, sweetness and ripening time. These varieties will be available for picking in 2022.

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